Our Approach

Our approach is simple and direct - we aspire to deliver our service in a discreet, clean and comfortable location.

As our client you will be given an appointment time and you will be the only client allocated to the premises within a half hour period. You can be assured your visit will be dealt with informatively and courteously by professional staff trained by the 352 Healthcare Group.

We opt for the subtle approach and prefer to use small amounts of a dermal filler rather than promoting a larger, more expensive treatment which may not have as subtle an effect. Our client has the choice of returning to have further treatment carried out if so desired.


Our Vision...

Discreet Beauty Solutions are constantly updating their knowledge and experience and strive to keep up-to-date with the most recent breakthroughs in both maintaining youthful skin and improving mature skin.

Our treatments compliment each other as some act as a preventative while others treat and reduce the signs of maturing skin.

We happily treat men as well as women - out client base is over 15% men and this is something continually increasing.  More and more people are opting for both Professional Peels and subtle Dermal filling, etc as ways to maintain a youthful look whether this is to improve self-confidence, to improve the chances of promotion in the workplace or simply because these solutions are now readily available and affordable.