Dermal Filling

Dermal filling are one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for minimal signs of ageing and also for more mature skin. They can be used to fill slight creases and also deeper wrinkles in both the hands and face. They will give the 'perfect pout' to lips or simply add some volume to thinning lips.

Fillers can plump and lift the cheeks, temples, chin and jawline. Skin that has aged somewhat and suffered reduced elasticity and sagging can be transformed with Dermal Fillers. A particular filler used in a specific area and in various amounts can have these changes as subtle and discreet as the client prefers and lasting from 4 months to 1 year. A short-lived filler is an inexpensive way to experience the results and allows the client to determine if he/she would like to have a further longer-lasting treatment in the future.



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Alumier MD Professional Peels

Alumier MD professional peels offer ways to exfoliate the skin in different layers and stages. You can discuss which is best for your skin at your free consultation.

Alumier MD professional peels tick off a lot of boxes with one treatment. They are used to treat a host of skin problems as well as the signs of ageing. There are several types of Alumier MD skin peels depending on your specific needs.  A peel will gently remove the outer-most layer of the skin leaving a 'new you' exposed. They are commonly used to help reduce scaring from acne, to treat sun damaged skin, discoloured skin and also to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is not a permanent solution but a treatment, initially every 6 weeks, will help reduce fine and deep wrinkles, correct uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars, etc, allowing the client to maintain her/his improved skin with less frequent peels in the future.

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Discreet Beauty Solutions

Our premises are located on the outskirts of Enniskillen at the Enniskillen Business Centre (unit 53) on the Tempo road and our consulting rooms are only used by our team to ensure privacy and a high quality service.

At your initial consultation you can expect to be greeted in a clinically clean yet comfortable environment and you will have our undivided attention - this will be private and completely free.

Your skincare needs and concerns will be discussed and the best treatment or combination of treatments, (botox and/or dermal fillers) will be recommended. These treatments will be discussed at length in what we pride to be a 'jargon free' consultation with your fully trained facial aesthetic specialist.

You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns/queries.


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