We are only too happy for you to call us if you have any questions that are not answered on our website.

Do you offer your services to both men and women?

We happily treat men as well as women - out client base is over 15% men and this is something we would love to increase. More and more people (including men) are opting for advanced skincare treatments as ways to maintain a youthful look whether this is to improve self-confidence, to improve the chances of promotion in the workplace or simply because these solutions are now readily available and affordable.

Do I need to see a Doctor for Dermal Filling?

Dermal Filling can be carried out by trained facial aestheticians - our staff  have undergone training with the 352 Healthcare Group or similar institution.

If you are interested our treatments you will have a consultation with a doctor/nurse/midwife for an assessment prior to treatment. This treatment can then be administered at a later time or immediately depending on your appointment time and own preference.

How would Discreet Beauty Solutions describe their customer service?

We pride ourselves on our customer service. The consultant you initially meet with will be your treatment consultant and she will also attend to any follow-up appointments you may wish to have.


How much does an Alumier MD Professional Peel and Dermal Filling Treatments cost?

Alumier MD Professional Peels start at £55 for acne treatment. This should ideally be followed up with the homecare range recommended for your particular skincare type.

Peels for pigmentation and anti-ageing range from £65 to £75 - the recently televised and widely published GlowPeel at £75.


Dermal Fillers vary in price depending on the amount to be used. They are usually administered in 1 ml doses or less at one treatment. Discreet Beauty Solutions reserve the right to refuse to administer further fillers if we believe the effect would result in a 'cosmetic' look - as we believe a natural look is much preferable.

Prices can be clarified at your consultation but are similar to the guidelines below.

Dermal Filling:

1 ml lip treatment from £150 depending on the treatment.

Cheek Enhancements from £250 depending on needs.

We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing. However,  if you do find another clinic which provides the same treatment for a lower price we would like to hear about it.

Will I have any after effects following my treatment?

Prior to any treatment you will be informed of any possible side effects, both those to be expected, such as bruising, and those not as common. At your consultation we will discuss the techniques we use to minimise the risk of adverse effects.

Do I need to have any follow up appointments after my treatment?

Yes, absolutely. We would love to hear from you after your treatment.

Some results can be seen immediately but others make take a few days, some reaching maximum effect at 2-3 weeks. We prefer to arrange a follow-up appointment for everyone 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment to access effectiveness and to compare before and after images.